ICQCC 2021 Invitation – Welcome

Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) is thankful to the CCM members of ICQCC for
providing this opportunity to host 46th International Convention on Quality Control
Circles-2021 (ICQCC-2021) in India. President and Board of Directors of QCFI are
pleased to invite QC fraternity to this mega event “International Convention on
th st Quality Control Circles” to be organized from 24th Nov. to 27th Nov. 2021 in Novotel & HICC Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

India is organizing ICQCC for the fourth time. Most of you may recall the sweet
memoirs of last convention organized by us in 2010 at HICC Hyderabad.
We Indians, truly live by the mantra of ATITHI DEVO BHAVA which means ‘Guest is
equivalent to God’ and treat our guests with utmost love, respect, and hospitality. This is one mantra that represents our country as the Incredible India!
QCFI is pursuing its significant role in skill development of people through education, training, propagation, demonstration, and assistance in implementation of Quality Concepts in manufacturing, maintenance industries, service sector, education, health, rural areas, society etc, since 1982. In the past decades, highest participation in every ICQCC’s held, itself indicates the interest of Indian delegates in sharing the knowledge and experiences from one another, unite in the creed of Quality Concepts and brotherhood.

The theme of the convention “Quality Concepts Facilitating Societal and
Economic Turnaround”, is a befitting one, in the present Global Pandemic effect on
Society and Economy and every country is trying to recover from its impact. Further,
the problems evolved have to be solved to improve Productivity and Quality. This
theme indicates the efforts to be made for improvements & innovations. We continue
to have new learning’s from this pandemic and in our quest of pursuing our significant role of showcasing as to how Quality Concepts practitioners around the world rose to the occasion by igniting the minds for innovative solutions and developing various methods in their industries to give a fillip to the economy and societal welfare. All of us have realized that how this global pandemic has given rise to our adaptation to live with VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Adversity) and yet confidently march on success path.

ICQCC – 2021, India will try their best to provide opportunities to experts and
practitioners of QCC and other allied concepts to exchange view points and search
for new avenues to improve process management, value addition and cost reduction.

QCFI is introducing Model Presentation (“Case study Presentation through Model &
Charts”) for the first time in the ICQCC-2021. Along with this, the new additions in this convention would be Model Exhibition and Home Kaizen Exhibition.

We extend to you all, a warm welcome to attend the convention not only to contribute to the Quality Movement as a whole, but also rediscover India with its diverse culture.

     S J KALOKHE                                                                           D K SRIVASTAVA
PRESIDENT – QCFI                                                        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – QCFI 

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